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Weight Loss from Diet to Exercise to Obesity Surgery

A Guide to Losing Weight

Daniella LindseyBy Daniella Lindsey


Losing weight alone is not enough.

The road to health must encompass a whole range of processes, both physical and emotional.

A Holistic approach to health will lead to correct weight, an absence of chronic illness and a great outlook on life in general.

This verse (Author unknown) is what these pages are all about:

"I am tomorrow what I eat today, before each meal that's what I say.

The more water I drink, the more inclined I will feel to only eat a nourishing, healthy, slim meal.

Between main meals I drink water or tea, between each meal I stay snack free.

Excess fat I burn with every step I take, I have no desire for chocolate, ice-cream or cake.

Whether it's a walk, a swim or a sport I play, I aim to be active twice every day.

I stay focused on my goal and the body I deserve, and it all boils down to each meal that I serve."

A little weight or a lot of weight; how much do you want to lose?


Around middle age, its becomes harder to keep your weight down and very necessary to get your weight under control if you want to live longer and reduce the possibility of sickness and disease. 


In our younger years, who cared about weight loss? Not many.


A program to lose weight just didn't fit into our daily lives because there was no need for the extra calorie burning that becomes necessary as we grow older and our metabolic rate slows.


And for some people its more than just a problem, it’s a medical emergency.


The following pages will take you through the stages of losing weight.


Most people wanting to reduce their weight start with dieting.  


In the following pages there are a number of links to extremely efficient diets and lots of tips and information on diet problems and solutions.


After that we go on to the most common solution to losing weight, exercise.


You'll find many types of exercise routines included here and answers dealing with light exercise designed to remove stomach fat right up to systems that will build strength and tone up the muscles that shape the body’s surface and keep you looking great.


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I am especially interested in programs designed for ladies suffering from that age old problem, Cellulite .


There is a huge variety of ideas out there on the solution to cellulite and they range from the simplistic to the bizarre. I'm only interested in the one that make sense to me.


Targeted exercise.


The BMI Calculator will give you a good indication of your body's present condition and a reference point for the future.

Calorie Counter - Complete Nutritional Facts for Every Diet!

If your body fat has gone beyond a joke and become the health risk of obesity, there is information on weight loss surgery with explanations of the procedures and links to the type of meals and food necessary once gastric by-pass procedures are complete.


Also details of home delivery of diet foods that are especially designed for people who have undertaken weight loss surgery, although perfect for anyone wanting to reduce their weight.

Save your life-get in shape.


Being overweight is one of the causes of heart attack, diabetes and osteoporosis.


Lowering your weight will reduce the risk of these diseases and help keep you out of hospital to live and enjoy a longer life.


So don't wait, read on to find our the methods and systems of weight loss, losing pregnancy weight, dieting, how to get rid of cellulite and the correct way to build up muscle mass.

PS. Its not expensive, it can be hard, but lose some weight and you'll breath easier.

"Is this another way to lose weight?

I don't know WHY I didn't figure this out sooner! I use shampoo in the shower!
When I wash my hair, the shampoo runs down my whole body, and
printed very clearly on the shampoo label is this warning :

 No wonder I've been gaining weight!
Well! I've gotten rid of that shampoo and I'm going to start showering with dish washing liquid instead.
Its label reads:
Problem solved!
If I don't answer the phone, I'll be in the shower!"

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